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I’m back!

Wow, so looks like I really dropped the ball on my blog endeavor.

However, I’m back! And more inspired than before.

A little update: I’ve moved to the Bay Area. I miss our little apartment by the beach everyday but, opportunity abounds elsewhere. I’m now working full time and, like the rest of the adult world, I’m attempting to juggle work, play, health, and creativity. I felt inspired to go for a second attempt at bloglife.

Round two: I’m going to focus more on my weight loss/management and health and fitness goals. My goal: to break the yo-yo cycle of weight gain and loss while trying new foods and recipes, and pushing my athletic abilities.

I’m a firm believer that it can be done without a trainer, without a nutritionist, and really, without a gym membership (even though I do go to a very reasonably priced gym).

I’ve seen a lot of inspiring fitness and healthy eating blogs out there so I thought, why not share my own journey to health?

I still want to share other inspiring, interesting, and enlightening information/ideas/places/people I find along the way.

So, I will welcome myself back since I don’t think anyone is reading this, and hope to change that.

To good health for the mind, body, and soul, and the road ahead!





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