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Home is where the heart is

Santa Cruz, California – June 15th, 2011

A beautiful view we came across today. It’s moments like this that remind us to always appreciate and be aware of our surroundings. I thought of a photo I took about 5 years ago in my hometown of Topanga, California, a beautiful mountain town that overlooks the west side of Los Angeles.

Looking at these two photos, I could only think about the saying, “Home is where the heart is.” While I love my Topangan roots and feel lucky to have grown up in Southern California, I am very grateful to call Santa Cruz home now. It seemed to clarify any wonder I had about my connection to what I used to call home. It is always a peculiar feeling to perceive of the ending of a phase in life.

Topanga is such a special piece of Los Angeles. I will always miss hiking the backbone trail, trips to the healing rock, playing in the creek, and driving Tuna canyon at unsafe speeds. However, as my transplanted roots continue to deepen in their new soil, I am loving the cleaner air as my branches continue to grow.

Anyway I suppose my useful thought of the day is that we must never forget our origins and what made us who we are but we must also embrace change and adapt to where ever life may take us. We cultivate our home where ever our heart takes us.



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